HUM-H332 — Don Quixote — Winter 2019–2020

This table shows what you should do for each classday; all work should be completed before the start of class on the date for which it’s listed. To put it another way, tests are listed on the day they will be given and assignments on the day they are due.

assignments for week two
Monday, 9 December Reading Part One, Chapters 6–8
Reading Questions
• What criteria are used to decide the fate of the books?
• Do you think that the actions of the Priest and the Barber will help achieve their objectives? Why or why not?
• The windmill episode is half of a chapter, yet it is the best-known episode from the entire novel. Why do you think this is?
Report The Spanish Inquisition
Tuesday, 10 December Reading Part One, Chapters 9–10
Reading Questions
• Who is narrating (or telling) the story we are reading? Are there others who filter or retell the story?
• What differences have we seen between Sancho and don Quixote up to this point? How would you describe their personalities?
Thursday, 12 December Reading Part One, Chapters 11–14
Reading Questions
• In what way does Quixote's speech in chapter 11 relate to the passage from Ovid? How does this view of history differ from that which most westerners have today? Is it similar to ours in any way?
• What sorts of herders are there in these chapters and how do they differ?
• What points of view are employed in telling the tale of Marcela and Gristóstomo? How does this affect the tale itself?
Report Pastoral literature
Additional Reading A selection from La Diana
Report The myth of the Golden Age
Additional Reading: selection from Ovid's Metamorphoses.
Friday, 13 December Reading Part One, Chapters 15–17
Reading Questions
• What transformations does don Quixote perform in these chapters and why?
• What transformations does Sancho perform in these chapters and why?
• How does social class enter into the events and actions in these chapters?
• What examples of the grotesque do you find in these chapters? What is your reaction to them?
Report The Grotesque
Report Social Class during the 16th and 17th centuries.
Project One Description is due today. Please turn in a one paragraph description of what your first project will be about. Be sure to include your name and CM box.