HUM-H332 — Don Quixote — Winter 2019–2020

This table shows what you should do for each classday; all work should be completed before the start of class on the date for which it’s listed. To put it another way, tests are listed on the day they will be given and assignments on the day they are due.

assignments for week five
Monday, 13 January Reading Part One, Chapters 42-43
Reading Questions
• Why do you think the Captive refuses all offers of financial help?
• How many odd coincidences have there been so far in the inn and how do you feel about them?
• Are there any (more) theatrical aspects of the novel to be found in this chapter?
• What do you think happened to chapter 43?
Report Epic literature
Tuesday, 14 January Reading Part One, Chapters 44–46
Reading Questions
• What humor do you find in these chapters?
• How does the narrator deal here with simultaneity of action (two events happening at the same time in different places), and how was it dealt with earlier in the novel?
• Why do you think Sancho employs the term bacinelmet (in Spanish, Baciyelmo?)
• How is the dispute concerning the shaving basin / helmet of Mambrino resolved? Why do you think the (newly arrived) barber accepts, or seems to accept this resolution or judgment?
Note the (seldom-used) name of the barber traveling with the priest is Maese Nicolás. The barber who lost his basin to don Quixote is never given a name.
Report Reality — What is it? How do we know what is real? What do philosophers say about the nature of reality?
Thursday, 16 January Reading Part One, Chapters 47–48
Reading Questions
• What relation is there between what the Canon does and earlier events in the novel?
• What do you make of the Canon's description of what good literature should be? How well or how poorly does the novel Don Quixote fit his criteria?
• What can be ascertained about the social role of theater from the Canon and Priest's discussion?
Report Didactic Literature and the concept of docere delectando
Additional Reading Selection from El Conde Lucanor
Friday, 17 January Reading Part One, Chapters 49–52
Reading Questions
• Compare and contrast the Canon's views on literature with those expressed by Don Quixote.
• How does the notion of audience or reader enter into the discussions of the Canon and Don Quixote?
• How do you as a reader react to the beginning of yet another story (that of the goatherd, Eugenio) at this point in the novel?
• What characteristics does the goatherd - Eugenio attribute to women? How would you describe his general attitude towards women?
• To what degree is there closure in this First Part of the Quixote? To what degree is there not?
Report Parody (and satire)