HUM-H332 — Don Quixote — Winter 2019–2020

This table shows what you should do for each classday; all work should be completed before the start of class on the date for which it’s listed. To put it another way, tests are listed on the day they will be given and assignments on the day they are due.

assignments for week ten
Monday, 17 February Reading Part Two, Chapters 72–74
Reading Questions
• At the end of Part One I asked to what degree is there closure? So I'm going to ask again… to what degree is there closure here?
Tuesday, 18 February Today is a complete mystery to me at this point. Come to class and we’ll see what we end up doing. (I have a feeling we will use today to get caught up with our reading schedule, but who knows?)
Thursday, 20 February Today we will do evaluations… so bring a computer or other internet device. We will also review for the test tomorrow.
Friday, 21 February Test 2 This test will be similar in format to Test 1. It will cover in detail the portions of Part Two that we read at normal pace, as well as the Film Lost in La Mancha and our discussion of it. You will need to know general ideas and concepts that apply to the novel as a whole, as well as all of Part One and the portions of Part Two that were read and discussed at a accelerated pace.