Spanish Placement Exam at RHIT

The Spanish Placement Exam should taken by students with previous Spanish experience in order to determine which is the best Spanish Class to start with at RHIT. Bear in mind that the roman numerals designating Spanish classes at RHIT (Spanish I, Spanish II, etc.) do not correspond with the numbering systems at your high school or at other universities. Please also remember that the placement exam is not a perfect instrument; it is designed to evaluate a large number of students via computer. After receiving your test results, if you feel strongly that your placement is not appropriate for you, please schedule an appointment to discuss this with Prof. Gardner. Note that Spanish I (SPAN-L111) and Spanish IV (SPAN-L211) are offered only during the Fall term, Spanish II (SPAN-L112) and Spanish V (SPAN-L212) only during the Winter, and Spanish III (SPAN-L113) and Spanish VI (SPAN-L213) only during the Spring.

The exam results are compiled 5 times per year: in early August for incoming first-year students; during orientation week for returning students; and preceding the enrollment periods for the Winter, Spring, and Fall terms. It is very important to observe following deadlines since the registrar’s office must be notified of all placement results well in advance of the enrollment period in order to unblock registration at the appropriate level, and because time must be allowed for the potential adjustment of placement results.

For Academic Year 2018–2019 the following deadlines apply
To know your placement for this quarter Take the placement exam before You will be given results by
Fall 2019 — incoming first-year students Saturday 31 August 2019 — midnight Monday 2 September 2019 — 5:00pm
Fall 2019 — returning students
or those who missed the previous deadline
Saturday 31 August 2019 — midnight Monday 2 September 2019 — 5:00pm
Winter 2018–2019 Friday 11 October 2019 — midnight Monday 14 October 2019 — 5:00pm
Spring 2019 Friday 17 January 2020 — midnight Tuesday 21 January 2020 — 5:00pm
Fall 2019 Friday 24 April 2020 — midnight Monday 27 April 2020 — 5:00pm

The exam can be taken online using any computer or device with internet access and a web browser. RHIT does not itself directly maintain the test program and may not be able to fully resolve compatibility issues with the wide variety of browsers, smart phones or other internet devices. Allow about 20 to 30 minutes to take the test, although it may last considerably less than this. Do not use any dictionaries, books, on-line resources or other assistance when taking the test. If you do, your results will be inaccurate, placing you into a Spanish class that is not appropriate for you.

You need to request a personalized link to the exam from Professor Gardner. This link will expire in seven days. The e-mail containing the link will not come from Professor Gardner, but rather from and will have the subject line: WebCAPE Test for Rose-Hulman. If it does not show up in your inbox, you may need to look in your junk mail or spam folder to find it.

When you request the link, you must indicate if you are a native Speaker of Spanish. (For the purposes of this exam, a native speaker is defined as someone who learned Spanish as their first language or concurrently with another language and who is at least as proficient as the average person who speaks no other language but Spanish. This category is distinct from that of Heritage Speaker, which can be defined as someone who learned Spanish at home as a child, but who never fully developed as a native speaker due to the influence of a dominant language, such as English, in which they became more competent.)

[This page was last updated 17 October 2019.]