HUM-H332 — Don Quixote — Winter 2019–2020

This table shows what you should do for each classday; all work should be completed before the start of class on the date for which it’s listed. To put it another way, tests are listed on the day they will be given and assignments on the day they are due.

assignments for week one
Monday, 2 December Introduction to the class and to the novel.
Tuesday, 3 December Reading From The Prologue through the end of Chapter 1 of Part One (1605) of Don Quixote and a short handout, covering material present in the original edition and preceding the prologue.
Note that what I am referring to as Part One of Don Quixote was published in 1605 and is itself divided into four sections called Parts One through Four. However, the chapter numbering is continuous through the entire 1605 volume and the division into Parts One though Four is very arbitrary. Unless I tell you otherwise, when I use the term Part One or First Part, I am referring to the entire 1605 volume, and the term Part Two or Second Part refers to the entire 1615 volume.
Reading questions for today (Note that for these and all chapters, the reading questions are not the only thing you should think about while reading, just one of many things you should think about. You don’t need to write out your answers, but be prepared to respond to the questions in class and to listen to the responses of others.)
• Where does a book start? What counts as part of the text and what doesn't?
• What knowledge is assumed on the reader's part? What are the effects of these assumptions?
• In what ways does fiction, and the process of fictionalization (in the broadest sense… the process of making stuff up) enter into the prologue and the poems?
Report Novels of Chivalry
Additional Reading Handout — selection from Amadís de Gaula
Thursday, 5 December Reading For today read the handout containing selections from various English translations of the Quixote, along with the original Spanish version from 1605 and a modernized Spanish version which are included for your reference. From the Prologue for each translation please read the first paragraph and at least the beginning of the second (which starts with the lines “I only wanted to offer it to you pure and simple…”, or words to that effect. Note that for some translations this will be 3 paragraphs, not two.) Also read the first paragraph from Chapter 1 from each Translation (note again that some split this section into two paragraphs… the passage should end with “…stray one iota from the truth” or something like that.)
Reading Questions Compare the passages read in terms of the overall feeling they convey, syntactic structures, vocabulary choices, and significant differences in how various passages are rendered.
• Which would you prefer and why?
• Why do you feel the translators made the choices they did?
• What effect might those choices have on the reader?
Friday, 6 December Reading Part One, Chapters 2–5
Reading Questions
• In what ways does the character don Quixote transform reality in these chapters?
• What are the effects of don Quixote's intervention with Andres?
• In what ways is don Quixote constructing a fiction in these chapters?
• What examples of personification do you see in chapter 5?
Report Spanish Folk Ballads, i.e. Romances, compiled in romanceros.